Tray - and Wrap - Around Case Packer

     Case packers of the VP 400 Series

    Case packers of the VP Series are available as intermittent (cycled) or continuous motion machines. The intermittent, highly flexible machines of the VP 400 Series pack in trays, wrap-around cases and trays with lids. The application "tray with lid" is possible in two variations, where the lid is either inserted or glued. The required cardboard blank quality conforms to the industry standard. The lowering principle is a special attribute of the VP 400 Series, which is equipped with and controlled by modern servo-technology. Positioned on an index chain, the product formations are transported at a low level through the machine, which guarantees the best possible folding and formation of the packaging unit. In addition, the lowering principle makes a space-saving, compact construction of this series possible one advantage among others. Thanks to the mostly standardised components, the machines can be quickly and efficiently assembled. The VP 400 Series is suitable for an output of up to 30 cycles per minute. For all of the VP 400 Series machines, the product infeed can be designed as either an inline or an angled version. Case packers of the VP 400 Series can be combined with the shrink wrappers from the SW Series.

    Case packers of the VP 500 Series

    The VP 500 Series is based on a continuous packaging process carried out on one level. These machines are also designed for tray, wrap-around case and tray with lid applications. The continuous motion mode of operation ensures very gentle product handling and processing. The open design of the VP 500 Series machines provides optimal machine accessibility, which facilitates simple operability, fast format changeovers and efficient cleaning and maintenance work. The wrap-around machines can operate at a speed of up to 60 cycles per minute while the tray machines can pack at a speed of up to 90 cycles per minute. The tray machines are also available in a double lane version. In the wrap-around machines, it is possible to integrate fully automatic partition insertion systems for individual partitions or fully automatic partition systems for pre-fabricated partitions. The VP 500 Series, with its modular construction, can be combined with the SW Series and thereby offers the highest possible flexibility in packaging solutions for the most varied of applications.


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