MSK Stretch Hood- Tensiontech®

    Whether hood stretching or wrap stretching, MSK stretch packaging systems offer the greatest flexibility for securing pallet unit loads and large containers.

Packed with Tension
The fully automatic MSK Tensiontech® F stretch hood applicator with its special film stretching process makes it possible for all the common sizes of industrial pallets to be packed with just one film tube. The stretching of the film is regulated in a targeted manner for each pallet size so that optimum load securing properties are achieved in each case.

The MSK ClearView® Effect
In contrast to conventional packaging methods, the MSK stretch hood packaging system ensures that the surface of the film after stretching is of a high quality permitting an optimum display effect. Barcodes under the film can be scanned without any problem.

An Economic Advantage
In contrast to conventional packaging solutions, the MSK Tensiontech® F stretch hood applicator is able to use cost-effective stretch film and minimise the amount of film used by its gentle film stretching process. The storing of voluminous packaging materials is dispensed with.

                            Packages fully automatically a range of different product dimensions with just one film tube.

The special MSK coordinate stretching procedure enables the use of the thinnest possible films.

Considerably reduced film comsumption by the use of 5th generation MSK stretch corners.

Avoidence of thin film points as the stretching movements are controlled independently in longitudinal and transverse directions for precise stretch coordination according to individual product dimensions Special MSK technology ensures that power consumption is reduced.

    The patented procedure for film gathering and the MSK vertical film stretching system reduce the film consumption and ensure an even understretch with optimised stackability.

New unique MSK procedure ensures a more stable bottom pallet layer.

Prefabrication of the next hood during wrapping procedure ensures high speed up to 240 pallets per hour.

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