We can offer an excellent range of materials for the food packaging industry, produced on modern equipment.

    Various types of rigid film, calendered in different formulations, thicknesses and colours. Each has a PVC base laminated to a polyolefin film sealing layer (PE or PP), and is suitable for the thermoforming of trays for the packaging of food under a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

    From the introduction of the raw materials to the final packed product, the entire production process, including calendering, coating, lamination and slitting, is carried out in one single building, certified to BRC/IoP standards (”Clean Manufacturing Plant“), built according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

    Our film can be laminated to:

    - LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).
    - PE/EVOH/PE giving an enhanced gas barrier, for packaging under modified atmospheres.
    - PP (polypropylene) / PE for medium moisture barrier requirements.
    - Non woven film to give a paper aspect to the final.

        ÜRÜN GAMI

        • Flexafood NS 80- PVC/PE (With or without EVOH)
        • Flexafood NS 81- PVC/PE (With or without EVOH)
        • Flexafood NS 82- PVC/PE (With or without EVOH)


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