Gebo Cermex Automatic Case Packer Systems

    Gebo Cermex Group, Gebo Cermex Group is one of the leading international manifacturers of complete packaging line solutions (Conveyor Systems, Tunnel Shrink , American Case and Wrap Around Case Packaging, Robotic and Conventional Palletising Solutions ) more than 50 years.

    Gebo Cermex experts have improved the performance of production and packaging lines in some of the most demanding industries from food, beverages medical, pharmaceuticals via home and personal care.

    Gebo Cermex offers high performance and optimum solutions as individial systems or complete end of line solutions.

    • Automatic case packaging systems
    • Robotic or Conventional Palletizing Systems
    • Tunnel Shrink Systems
    • Engineering Expertise
    • Outsourced Equipment Entegration
    • Conveyor Systems
    • Complete End Of Line Automations
    • End-to-End Project Management



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